How are communities selected for multi-year Levitt AMP grant awards?

In 2018, the Levitt Foundation selected three communities to each receive a multi-year Levitt AMP grant based on demonstrated significant impact in their communities since the launch of the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards. This invitation-only grant opportunity exempts the grantee from the Levitt AMP online voting competition and provides three consecutive years of funding to present the Levitt AMP Music Series. The funding availability for multi-year Levitt AMP grants will be determined by the Levitt Foundation on an annual basis.

Can an organization be affiliated with more than one application, either as a primary applicant or a partner?

No. An organization can only be affiliated with one Levitt AMP application either as the primary organization or a partner. For example, if your local chamber of commerce has agreed to partner with another organization in your community that is also applying, it cannot partner with your organization as well. Also, an organization cannot apply as a primary applicant on one application and as a partner on another application.

In addition to the required Levitt AMP application uploads, may I submit supplemental materials to support my application?

No. Supplemental items, such as additional documents or photos to support your application, will not be accepted. Applicants may only submit the documents requested in Section 6 of the application.

Can local and nonprofessional artists perform as openers during our Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series?

Yes. Although all Levitt AMP headliners must be professional and include a variety of local, regional, and national talent, opening acts may be programmed to celebrate the talent of your community by featuring local and nonprofessional artists, bands and performance groups.

Can one or more of the 10 concerts of our Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series be part of a festival or other event?

Yes. Your Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series may incorporate a festival or other event as part of your 10 Levitt AMP concerts. However, the entire concert series must be called Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series, it must meet all of the Levitt AMP Eligibility Criteria, and it must comply with Levitt AMP Official Rules. Note: your Levitt AMP Music Series must have a minimum of 10 concerts presented over a minimum of 10 to 12 consecutive weeks. One concert must be presented each week of the concert series, though you may skip one or two weeks during the series to accommodate your town or city’s local traditions and annual events.

If I registered to vote for a Levitt AMP proposal in the past, do I have to register again?

No. If you registered to vote for a Levitt AMP proposal in the past, you do not need to register again. Simply log-in with your user name and password from last year to submit your vote. If you do not recall your password, you may reset your password and then vote for your favorite Levitt AMP proposals.

What is the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards timeline?

Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the next round of Levitt AMP applications will reopen in July 2021 for the 2022 grant cycle. The Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards is an annual grants competition. Levitt AMP grant applications will open in July and close in September. Following the close of the application period, all submissions will be screened and select applications will move on to the online public voting stage, which will take place in November. Members of the general public will vote for their favorite proposals to determine the Top 25 finalists. In December, the Levitt Foundation will review the Top 25 finalists and determine which nonprofits will receive a Levitt AMP grant. Levitt AMP winners will be announced in December, with Levitt AMP Music Series taking place the following year between May 1 and October 31. Specific dates for the grant timeline will be announced each year.

Will the Levitt Foundation notify applicants if there are multiple Levitt AMP applications submitted from the same city?

Yes. All application submissions will be reviewed during the first two weeks of October. Factors such as application completion, eligibility, and alignment with the Levitt AMP goals will determine which applicants will advance to the November voting phase. If multiple applications from the same city are selected to advance to the voting phase, the Levitt Foundation will notify each applicant accordingly. Applicants from the same city will then have the option to either advance to the voting phase separately, or collaborate and submit one revised application with one primary applicant and the other applicants as partners; this revised application would then be displayed on the Levitt AMP website as a single proposal during the online public voting period.

Does my town have to be part of a MSA in order for my organization to be eligible to apply?

No. A town is not required to be part of a MSA in order to be eligible for the Levitt AMP [Your City] Grant Awards. If you are unsure if your town or city meets the Levitt AMP population eligibility criteria, you may email your town/city name, county and state to and the Levitt Foundation will respond letting you know whether your town or city is eligible.

What sections from our Levitt AMP application will be displayed for public viewing on the Levitt AMP website during the online public voting period?

During the online public voting period, your answers to questions marked “(PUBLIC)” on the Levitt AMP application will be visible to the public, including the image submitted as part of your application that best reflects your community and proposed Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series.