Can a Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series take place at a site with tiered, cement seating?

Posted on 10:32 pm

No. A tiered, cement seating area is not conducive to audiences sitting on picnic blankets and lawn chairs and does not allow for a “360” audience experience, meaning they are able to connect with those in front of, behind, and to each side of where they are sitting. A tiered audience seating area may be considered if the area is a lawn-like setting, which allows for picnic blankets and lawn chairs, the “360” audience experience, and the ability for people to get up and dance freely and children to run freely. If you are unsure if your site meets the Levitt AMP Eligibility Criteria, you may send a photo of the proposed site to and the Levitt Foundation will respond letting you know whether the site is eligible.