How does the Levitt Foundation define a “lawn-like” setting?

Posted on 2:42 pm

A lawn-like setting is an open space that does not have permanent or fixed seating. While a space may have minimal seating such as park benches along pathways, the majority of the space must be open and conducive to people sitting on picnic blankets and lawn chairs, so that they may easily interact with one another and have a “360” experience, meaning they are able to connect with those in front of, behind, and to each side of where they are sitting. A lawn-like setting allows people to get up and dance freely and children to run freely. While some communities may not have an open and expansive lawn available for their Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series, a “360” audience experience must be created. A proposed space that only allows for standing and does not allow people to comfortably sit on picnic blankets and lawn chairs will not be a competitive Levitt AMP application.