Once the online public voting period begins, will votes be tallied online so that we can see our progress?

Posted on 2:42 pm

Yes. Throughout the online public voting period, a leaderboard will be visible on the Levitt AMP website which will display your organization’s ranking based on votes received. The leaderboard will be updated on a regular basis throughout the online public voting period. Those who sign up to vote may find your Levitt AMP proposal by searching the leaderboard by your organization’s name or by your city and state. To assist in getting the word out to your supporters, the Levitt Foundation will provide applicants with sample social media posts, a customized graphic and a sample press release that can be sent to your contacts asking them to vote for your proposal. Be sure to rally your community and networks—including your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors—to vote online for your proposed Levitt AMP [Your City] Music Series!